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5 Big Mistakes Rookies Make

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

Jun 20

If you’re new, you’re bound to make mistakes.   If you know what these mistakes are before they happen, you can avoid a lot of heartaches and headaches later.

What are the Common Mistakes that Mobile Marketing Rookies Make?

    • Not taking the privacy of your leads and customers seriously will cost you.   Don’t keep sending messages constantly thinking your message wasn’t read.   Just send messages on a weekly basis, once maybe twice.   In some cases if you have been given permission by your customer, a little more often won’t hurt if you are leading up to an event of some kind.   Sending messages daily or several times a day will annoy your opt in members and scare them off.   On top of that is illegal to send unsolicited text messages.   You will hurt your reputation by sending multiple messages.


    • Don’t just use one method of mobile advertising.   They are all effective.   When you choose just one method, you’re missing out on visitors and leads that may not be able to view messages using your chosen methods.   If you don’t combine, mobile advertising, social networking and targeted local marketing, you’re missing out on the full benefits that are possible with a multi-channel campaign.   After all, the idea is to get leads and customers, right?   Don’t do anything that will prevent this from happening.


    • The type of device and the type of content being mismatching is another common mistake made by rookies.   Your mobile advertising campaign plan should include information on not just the target audience, but the devices they use also.   Our marketing analytics have clearly shown that there are certain types of messages that work better on certain types of devices.


    • Before you send out your message or display your website, check both for typos and grammatical errors.   Don’t do anything that will cause people to have a bad impression of you.   It should be neat and well thought out.    It must be understandable as well so don’t use any fancy terms.    It is best to stick with high school level English.


    • Businesses that are new to using mobile advertising either target too much or not enough.   You can’t send a message to everyone because not everyone is interested in what you have to offer.   If you make your target audience to small, you won’t reach enough people.   You simply must do the research and get the right information about your audience.   Is the audience old or young?   What are they interested in?   Where are they located?   What is their income?    One of the worst wastes of advertising dollars is to send your messages to the wrong audience.


  • When you send your message, don’t forget to include your contact information; your name, address, phone number, website link and description if you can fit it in.   The recipient needs to be able to contact you in some way.If you keep these things in mind, you will have a more successful campaign.   Be careful with what you do, as well as how you do it. Mobile advertising can help you get leads and, in turn, more income.


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