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Apr 30

Why To Optimize For Mobile

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

I see so many people that have great websites and blogs when I check them out on my laptop.

The same websites are poor to fair at best when you look at them on a mobile device.

Small businesses that have an optimized site saw an 84% increase in new business (source:

I know you worked hard to get your site to where it is and you’re proud of it but if you don’t make it responsive to mobile you may as well not have an online business.

That’s how important this is. If you need help figuring out how to do make your site responsive let me know and I can help you or point you in the right direction.

Apr 30

Mobile, Mobile and Mobile Best Ads For Emergency Services

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

Some of the best known service providers are also some of the best prospects for a mobile app/website.

When a person is in pain, they need help “right now” not when they get home.

Offering a mobile app can be a huge benefit for a Dentist, Wrecker or Chiropractor. People have their phone within arms reach or in their pocket all the time.

How many other businesses are there that would benefit from having a mobile app or website?

Apr 30

If You Build Mobile, They Come From Everywhere!

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Are you building your business with an eye to the future?

If you are not building/creating everything, website, blog, landing pages etc, with an eye to being mobile compatible/responsive you will have to change it in the near future. See this graph? Hmm…


Check this out:

Used correctly, mobile advertising can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and generate inexpensive leads. In fact, data from the xAd and Telemetrics’ study revealed that a surprisingly large percentage of mobile users ultimately make a purchase after visiting a company’s mobile website.

For instance, in the restaurant industry, xAd and Telemetrics said 80% of mobile visitors ultimately converted to customers. Those results aren’t as compelling in other
verticals (i.e., 43 and 48% in automotive and travel), but they’re still impressive.

These may not be in your niche but the trend is mobile, like it or not. The smart thing to do is format everything to be responsive to mobile. Do it once and you’re ready to go.

All this sounds really cool but does it actually work? Is this factual and true? Look at these numbers from a screen shot of my InMobi account. If you do the math, this works out to 0.04 cents per click. If you know anything about CPC anywhere on the Internet this is unheard of.


To learn how you can build a huge list, get a massive influx of leads and pretty much kick your business up to the next level enter your name, email and phone number into the box below and I will show you how you can do this too.

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Mar 17

Money, Do You Have It or Does Money Have You? Reframe How You See It

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

happy black familyI challenge anyone who thinks money is evil to explain to me why? Have you ever seen a family that can’t pay their bills, can’t keep food on the table, can’t buy clothes seem happy? They may put a happy face on things for the public but behind closed doors they are stressed out to the max. Money is simply a tool to be used. Did you know that in the book of Proverbs in the Bible it says this:

Proverbs 10:22

The blessing of the Lord, it makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.
  • So what does “blessing” mean? It means to empower to prosper.
  • Who is the “Lord” here? This is Jehovah, the proper name of the one true God
  • What is the “it” this verse is talking about here? The blessing.
  • What does “makes rich” mean? This means to gain riches or wealth, specifically material substance.
  • What does “adds no sorry” mean? It specifically means  pain, hurt, toil, sorrow or hardship.

What this verse of scripture is saying then is this:

The empowerment of the the one true God, Jehovah, makes people rich with material substance and does not add any pain, hurt, toil, sorrow or hardship with it.
In the world people are forever trying get rich using their wisdom or the wisdom of the world. Don’t misunderstand. There is earthly wisdom and ways to do things that will make you extremely rich. But there is a caveat to this kind of “rich”. How many of the “rich and famous” of the world have we seen that are miserable? Is it worth not having any privacy? Is it worth need armed bodyguards everywhere you go? In my opinion, it’s not.

So why do so many people think money is evil, to be avoided or possibly worse, that having money will make them do bad things? It’s really simple y’all. What happens when an average person wins the lottery. They go buy everything they have ever wanted and end up being broke again a very short time later. Or the person that makes an above average income and is in debt up to their eyeballs. One mishap and they are in the deep end of the pool and find out they can’t swim.

It doesn’t have to be like that. If we will study God’s Word, pray and seek His wisdom about how to handle our finances, we can be like the person described in the scripture above.




Feb 26


By fblaydes | Uncategorized

The thing that I have tried my hardest to avoid still drives me; being the old bald fat guy, buying new cars or trucks and other nonsensical things to prove to myself that I’m not bored to freakin tears.

It’s time to turn loose of that way of thinking and start doing what I’ve been putting off.


Most will never acknowledge this and they will continue to live lives of terminal boredom just waiting to be kicked into the hole and covered with dirt.

I have a choice. You have a choice. I choose to live not just exist. You? If you know that the next week, month, year, five years will be the same thing over and over again in life and you choose to stay in that place, I pity you.

Deep down inside where you don’t like to look, you know that’s the truth for you too. Find a way out. Sell your house, quit your job and buy a boat and sail around the world with your family.

Take the kids out of school and teach them by showing them the world. REALLY? You actually want your kids to grow up and get a good job, work through the most exciting years of their lives and end up doing the same thing as all the other sheeple?

I love my kids more than that.

Feb 01


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chain_link-10lnvngHere is an easy to follow guide to make your images clickable.
I’d like to thank Amy over at for such an easy to understand and use lesson. She has so much good material on her site about this kind of stuff, you should check it out.

Step 1: Create (or Save) the Image

If you have not already saved the image to your computer, do this first. (If you need to create an image, check out my video tutorial on my blog button post. It shows you an easy way to create simple images.)

Step 2: Upload the Image to Your Server

Using WordPress, you can upload the image via FTP, or, upload the image via your Dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. While logged into your Dashboard, click Media (in the left column).
  2. Choose Add New from the submenu.
  3. On the new page, click Select File. A window will pop up allowing you to navigate to the place where your image is stored on your computer.
  4. Once the image is uploaded successfully, copy the “File URL” (which is automatically assigned). The “File URL” field is located at the bottom of the upload window so just scroll down until you see it. This is your image location URL.

Step 3: Insert the HTML in a Widget

You will need two pieces of information for this step:

  1. The landing page URL. This is the address of the page/post/site where you want the user to land when they click on the image.
  2. Image Location URL. The URL specifying where the image is located (that you obtained in Step 2 above).

To insert the image and make it clickable, slide a Text Widget into your sidebar. (Here’s how to use widgets in WordPress).

Paste the following code into the Text Widget. Once it’s in there, switch out the bolded URLs below with the two pieces of information you have on hand. Simply paste the URLs between the quotation marks. (Be very careful not to accidentally delete the quotation marks in the process.)

<a href=”“><img src=”http://ImageLocationURL” /></a>

To make the link open in a new window…

If you want the new page to open in a new window you would simply add “target=”_blank” to the first piece like so:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://ImageLocationURL” /></a>

That’s it! Simple. :)



Almost all network marketers eventually come online looking for a way to grow their business. Why? For a lot of different reasons but I think the biggest is this; they have contacted everyone they know and don’t have any choice if they want to continue growing their business.


You can learn this kind of stuff from some of the people over at MLSP is a lead generation platform that a total newbie can use from day one. It is so simple my dog could do it, well maybe not, but still, it’s really easy.

You owe it to yourself to at least check it out. Sign up for the 3 day FREE Trial and if you don’t like it, QUIT. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.








Dec 28

How To Make Your Brain Groovy

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

sn-brainWhen I started correcting the way I was thinking, the way I was talking changed also.

We are a product of how we think and talk. I know, I know, don’t give me all that psycho babble you’re probably saying.

Two sources of reference for you. The Bible and  an excerpt from

From the Bible:
Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…
Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue

From Refocuser:
You can picture this yourself by imagining the flow of water through sand. When seawater first runs over the sand, there isn’t a path for it to follow so it starts to form one for itself.  As the water continues to flow over the sand, the pathway forms a real groove in the sand and gets deeper and more defined.  It may start to branch off and take up more room in the sand if necessary, even reforming pathways on top of pathways that are no longer in use if it needs to.  Once the pathways are formed, it becomes more difficult to change the water flow – and if the water ever stops flowing, the pathway will remain for some time in the hopes that it’ll be used again at some point.  (This is why picking something back up after some time of inactivity is easier than starting a new activity cold).

Bottom line is this: are you helping yourself or sabotaging yourself with how you think and how you talk?


Dec 16

Quit Learning And Start Doing!

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Learn these things and people will follow begin to you:

  • Everybody (well, most everybody) wants better stuff, they want to get it faster, it has to be cheaper and it has to be easy to get.
  • Most people react to specific things in predictable ways.
  • Painful things cause a person to change their behavior faster than things that make them feel good.
  • Show people how to get rid of pain and they will follow you forever.
  • This has been a problem I have fought with my whole life; knowing EXACTLY what to do but not doing it. It’s a constant battle. To know and not to do, is to not know.
  • Do what you know to do and people will follow.
  • Always learning and never doing is a trap that earns you $0.00 dollars!
  • Make as many mistakes as you need to to learn, then don’t make that mistake again.
  • Teach people to how to get what they want but don’t currently have.


Create real Hope for people.

Give people a reason to follow you.

If you have a question that’s been bothering you, enter your name and email address in the boxes below and let’s work on it together.