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Feb 26

The thing that I have tried my hardest to avoid still drives me; being the old bald fat guy, buying new cars or trucks and other nonsensical things to prove to myself that I’m not bored to freakin tears.

It’s time to turn loose of that way of thinking and start doing what I’ve been putting off.


Most will never acknowledge this and they will continue to live lives of terminal boredom just waiting to be kicked into the hole and covered with dirt.

I have a choice. You have a choice. I choose to live not just exist. You? If you know that the next week, month, year, five years will be the same thing over and over again in life and you choose to stay in that place, I pity you.

Deep down inside where you don’t like to look, you know that’s the truth for you too. Find a way out. Sell your house, quit your job and buy a boat and sail around the world with your family.

Take the kids out of school and teach them by showing them the world. REALLY? You actually want your kids to grow up and get a good job, work through the most exciting years of their lives and end up doing the same thing as all the other sheeple?

I love my kids more than that.

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