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Effective Tips for Getting Your Site Prepared for Mobile Marketing

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

Apr 30

It took a while for businesses to recognize the potential of the small mobile screen on a smart phone or cell phone. Businesses are just beginning to recognize this valuable real estate and its ability to generate greater profits.

Although the screen is much smaller than a traditional monitor for a desktop or laptop, it still has more than enough area to display important messages. The screens on mobile devices are now large enough that messages can be fully displayed without the need of zooming or scrolling on a small hand-held mobile device.

Preparing your site for a mobile marketing strategy requires you to remove any huge files or extra, unnecessary copy. Don’t make your online visitors wait very long for a page to load. If your customer cannot locate the information they are seeking quickly, they will leave the site, without ever reading that mobile marketing message you took so long crafting.

The easiest way any business can prepare for their mobile marketing strategy is to redesign their website to handle a mobile screen. The newly developed mobile-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 works best for mobile sites. Unless you are proficient in writing code, you will need to hire a developer that is highly fluent in these programming languages.

However, there are alternatives. Google Mobile Optimizer is effective software that can help the company quickly transform your original website into a simple mobile version.Adding text that is designed specifically for mobile technology is essential.

You will need to write mobile-friendly content for your mobile website. Keep this highly valuable content very short and to the point. Deliver your message using bullet points instead of large paragraphs. Reading paragraphs on a mobile screen sucks big time. Don’t make your visitors do it. On top of that you visitors will miss the mobile marketing message altogether. Be brief, clear and direct.

Make sure that all graphics displayed are small enough in design that it will load fast. Mobile technology typically loads pages at a much slower pace than the traditional laptop or desktop computer. Anytime your visitor needs to wait more than roughly 5-8 seconds for the page to load, he or she will likely just leave the site, and never view the marketing message.

Instead of just abandoning your full website to the mobile user, consider offering the user the ability to choose between the mobile version and the full version as soon as they arrive at the site. This provides your visitor the opportunity to quickly become familiar with whichever site they like best and to obtain only the essential information they are seeking.

Realize that much of the valuable information was likely cut when creating the mobile version and the user can quickly become frustrated when they are not able to locate the data they want.It’s very important to make effective use of all the available space on your mobile site. Anytime your visitor needs to zoom or scroll just to get to the call to action, you may as well not even have one.

I hope these few tips help you. If you have questions or comments, leave them below. Please share this article with people you know that it may help.

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