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How To Double Your Health-Fitness-Nutritional Coaching Income With Mobile Marketing

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Jun 12

Coaches that offer health, fitness and nutritional services would do well to make use of a mobile campaign.
Here’s what you need to do to make sure that your ready: you must mobilize everything:

    • website


    • landing pages


    • lead captures pages


    • emails


All of it must be mobile friendly. Your target audience, health conscious people are on the go all the time. They are not the type that will sit at a desk or lug around a laptop and spend a lot of time searching for what they want. When they want it, they want it now.

Your potential clients are using their mobile phones all the time for things like workout schedules, calorie counting, measuring how far they have run and all kinds of other things. Take advantage of this.


      • Make sure you are listed on all the local search directories


      • On any offline advertising make sure you have a mobile call to action


      • Use Facebook app called 22social to advertise your Facebook page; get a free account here:   This app converts your Facebook page to a mobile landing page


      • Use SMS and MMS to engage new and existing customers


      • Create a subscription text service with meal plans, workouts or “how to” tips. Busy people appreciate this and will pay $5-$20 per month for this service.


Another potentially huge way to approach your market is through Podcasts. When you see people working out, practicing yoga, running or any other type of exercise, many are listening to music or a teaching podcast through headphones. Use this approach if you want to get to people where they really are.

For more in-depth info on using SMS messaging to attract and keep clients click here and here.

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