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Jun 14
Hi Y’all!

Just got this major announcement from Google.

If your website or blog is not mobile friendly you will be penalized (slapped) in the search rankings by Google.

Not only are you going to slapped for not being mobile friendly but you will also be slapped for having a mobile responsive site that is misconfigured.

See the article here:

Google is also taking a stand on mobile speed. So if you’re not loading fast enough you’re gonna get slapped!

See the article here:

If you want to see a list of what it takes to be mobile friendly and not get slapped go here: and here:

This is great news for mobile marketers like me. I sell mobile websites, mobile apps and mobile services.

This is not such great news for people that have worked hard to get their sites to rank well and now they will get slapped BIG TIME.

Don’t continue to put off getting your site up to speed. This is not 1998 or even 2008. If you’re not mobile friendly now or soon, you’ll be out of business.

Message me for help.

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