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Jun 17

Mobile Is Here To Stay

Like it or not, the mobile web is here to stay and so are mobile websites.   With more and more people accessing the Internet on their mobile devices, it’s no wonder why this concept has taken the business world by storm.


Now is the time to get your site up to speed.


Did you even know that you need two versions of your website?   Gone are the days that you only have one old school Internet site.   One version needs to be a responsive, mobile friendly online website, like the one you have now, only converted to be mobile friendly.    The other needs to be a true mobile website.

 Google Slap

Google is going to slap you really hard if your site is not mobile friendly.

Check out the article here:


Anyone can create a mobile version of their website for free or if you don’t think you’re up to the task, you can have it done for you for a small fee.   Your mobile version can be built to work on any type of mobile device.   Here are some easy tips for you to use when you’re ready to rebuild your site.


Don’t create anything that’s flashy because some images cannot be displayed on a mobile website. Make your website really easy to use with clear navigation, like this:

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Even with a responsive website like mine, you don’t get the ease of use on a mobile device like you do with a fully mobile site, a site that was actually designed to be fully mobile.


You have to look at your site from your visitor’s point of view.   Try to think like they do when they are trying to find all the cool products or services you offer.   Before you go live, test it on your own mobile device so you can find out what is missing and what looks good.   By doing this, you’ll know what the issues are before your visitors do. If you want to use an app to see what your site looks like now on a cell phone of just about any kind go here and download the app. Yes, it’s safe:

 No Ads

If you’re thinking about putting ads on your mobile websites, don’t do it.   The reason is this, ads on a mobile website don’t work the same way as they do for websites online.   Images may not be able to be seen and sometimes the links are not clickable.


They also slow to download, big time.   This is bad for two reasons: your visitor will leave your site and Google will penalize you (see Google article above).   This won’t help you build a good reputation on the mobile web.



Make your links as short as possible.   Use a site like to shorten your links.   If you have a visitor that wants to share the link or type the link, they’ll be there all day typing a long URL.   Mobile websites should be user friendly.   Navigating your mobile website needs to be as easy as possible for your visitor.

They should be happy and so should you.


K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple & Short)

Simplicity is the key for every use of mobile.   Instead of having 10 posts on one topic, combine them all into one and make one epic post instead.   Your visitors will love you for it.   Simple is best.   Visitors won’t play musical links to go from one place to another on your mobile site.   They simply leave your site. Say more with less words.



Also, links may not work the way they should so always make a note in the post and tell visitors the links are at the end of the post.   To save space on the user’s screen use drop down menus.


If you add buttons to your navigation, make them big enough that people can easily click them with their thumb.   I’m a big guy and I’ll leave a site so fast it will make your head spin if it’s hard to tap the right button.   Buttons that are small suck!   Visitors won’t be able to click or see them easily and if that happens…click, they are gone off your site never to return.   Users come in all sizes and in thinking ability, never forget that.



Because mobile websites are seen on smaller screens, use a bigger font size.   It’s easier on their eyes.   Be nice to your visitor.   Use a bigger font.   By doing this your readers don’t miss all that great stuff you have to say.   Don’t get all fancy with the color of the fonts either.   Simple black and white works best. Possibly red for headlines.


Keep these tips in mind.   You can get your mobile website up and running quickly and easily.  Make it efficient for you but remember this: it’s not about you.   It’s your visitors that you need to make happy so you can get more leads and happy clients.

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