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Quick and Easy Money Giving Away Mobile Sites

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

Sep 18

As technology gets more accessible, prices will continue to drop so you need the ability to set your own prices for mobile services.

Here’s a way to give away something for free and that pays you $$$$ every time you give it away.

Buy an inexpensive mobile website builder (software) and learn to use it. It’s less than $50 bucks and easy to use. Give away a free mobile website and tell your client if they want the free mobile site they have to buy a domain and hosting for it through you.

Tell them you can get a domain name and set up hosting for them for really cheap. The monthly hosting is like $2-$4 a month. Your client pays that fee every month. Most times they will say yes.

There are hosting companies that actually give away a FREE domain name when you purchase hosting through them.

The hosting company then pays you a healthy commission for bringing them a customer as an affiliate. See the pic above.

How many network marketers and direct sales people would jump on that deal like a duck on a June bug?

Now, go make some money. There are ways to upsell off of this to make a continuing income but that’s for later.

Contact me if you want to know which mobile site builder I use and which hosting companies do this.

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