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Succeed In 2013

By fblaydes | Uncategorized

Jun 14

6 Statistics About Mobile Marketing That You Must Know in Today’s Economy To Succeed…


An optimized website for mobile browsers can boost customer engagement by 85% (Source: KISS Metrics)

Meaning more customers will visit your website.


Small businesses that have an optimized site saw an 84% increase in new business (source:

New Customers!


 71% of mobile users use their devices throughout the day to perform searches (InMobi)

You will be “SEEN” more often.


96% of smartphone users say they “frequently” search for local business & information (Source: Google)

Again, you will be “SEEN” more.


Of all mobile searches, 90% lead to a customer action and nearly 50% lead to a purchase (Source: HubSpot)

You make more SALES!

98% of all SMS text messages are opened within 4 minutes (Mobile Marketing Association) 

No more wasting money on advertising that gets thrown away!

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