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Text Message Marketing Pt 2

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Jun 28

Text Message Marketing

The King Of Mobile Marketing



In Part 1 of the Text Message Marketing article we learned about what  text message marketing is all about, why we should be using it, what some of the benefits are and some ways to start building your mobile list.    You can find that article here.    In Part 2 we are going to learn some specific ideas about using text message marketing.    Buckle up, here we go….oh yeah, click on the picture to your left, there is a lot of good info there.


Text Message Marketing Ideas:



  • Offer Mobile Coupons and Discounts – Most of your customers will love to receive mobile notifications about special offers from your business. In the coming weeks I will be writing an article about how to use coupons and mobile.   This is a very effective strategy to keep customers coming in the door.


  • Send Text Message to Increase Traffic on Slow Days – Most businesses have a day that’s normally slower than others.   On these days implement a campaign to drive more traffic through the doors on those days.    It only takes a few minutes to write and send a text message and the effect is nothing short of amazing.    Many businesses are seeing an increase in sales just by using this method alone.


  • Send Reservation Reminders or “Table Ready” Notifications – If you offer reservations, send text messages to confirm reservations.    This will decrease wasted table space and make you more money.    You can send text messages to let your waiting customers know when their tables are ready.    They will get their table notification no matter where they are.    You will get rid of the costly flashing, buzzing and vibrating reminder discs.


  • Send Appointment Reminders – Reduce “no-shows.” Your staff should send reminders by using the power of text messaging a few hours in advance of the appointment. That way, if someone has to cancel, you have time to fill that appointment with another customer. Each missed appointment means lost revenue.


  • Send Service Reminders – Easily increase sales by simply reminding your customers that it’s time for service.    Sometimes, all it takes it a little reminder and most people will take action.


  • Send Important Alerts – Schools, for example, can text parents about important reminders, meetings, conferences, truancy issues, and other emergencies.    Schools, sports teams and professional associations can communicate with their entire memberships in a matter of minutes.


  • Send Important Updates – Retail businesses should send text messages to let their customers know the status of their orders as well as shipping details.


  • Implement a “Frequent Dining” Program – Restaurants that reward their loyal customers by offering them some type of discount based on how often they come in build a loyal clientele. For instance, you could offer a digital dining punch card that rewards them with a free meal after so many visits/punches.


  • Send Event Reminders to Increase Attendance – Having a special event at your business?    Your customers would probably want to know about it so send them a quick reminder and watch the attendance go up.


  • Alert Customers About New Menu Items – Adding a new dish to the menu?    Your customers will want to try it out, so shoot them a text message and let them know about it.


  • Implement Use Of QR Codes – QR codes are barcodes that can send your mobile audience digitally wherever you want them to go – instantly.    For example, you have a QR code directed to the menu on your website so your mobile customers can simply scan the code and the menu will pull up on their mobile devices (your site should be mobile-friendly for effectiveness).    You also use QR codes to send people to online videos, your Google Maps page, and a hundred other uses.    Put your QR codes on all of your marketing materials and anywhere else your target market will see them.


  • Hold Contests – Contests allow you to engage with your customers in a way that they enjoy and they have a chance to win something cool.    If you have something kind of cool promotional item that your customers would like to have, they will participate to get it for free or at a discount.    This is really powerful for keeping your list involved and looking forward to your messages.


  • Notify Customers of Sales and Other Events – Text messaging is a quick way to remind your customers about special sales and events to help bring in more traffic.    With so many businesses out there today, this is just another great avenue to stay in front of your customers and remind them that you exist.


  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Polls – Send a quick text message to your customers to find out what they think about your business. They love to give you that information – both the happy ones and the not-so-happy ones.    This feedback helps you improve your Business’s overall performance.


  • Display Real Estate Property Information – Put a short code on your properties’ for sale signs. This instantly gives prospects more information.    This also helps you make more efficient use of your time by reducing calls from prospects asking for basic property details. In addition, this is convenient for your buyers.   They have the convenience of getting this information instantly instead of having to track you down or listening to a recording.


  • Send “Thank You” Messages – If you really want to improve customer loyalty, send occasional messages to your customer list simply to tell them “Thank You” for being a valued customer. Simply showing them that you care is powerful.   It keeps them coming back to your business to enjoy your products or services that they love.


  •  Communicate Efficiently with Staff – Text marketing is not only good for communicating with your customers; it the perfect tool for communicating with your staff members as well.    Again, everybody is glued to their cell phones these days including your staff members.    So it’s a fast, convenient, and reliable way to get in touch with them when you need to.

So until next time, I hope you got a lot of valuable information from this article.    In my next article we will cover the different types of Text Message marketing Campaigns.    I hope you learned something that will help you move your business forward.    Please comment and share this article if you found it valuable.


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