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Text Message Marketing Pt 3

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Jul 08

Different Types of Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Alrighty then! In Pt 2 of Text Message Marketing we covered a really wide range of ways that Text Messages can be used to generate new business.

In today’s post we are going to cover 4 specific types of text message campaigns and finish this series off with the top 3 mistakes made in Text Message Marketing. So here we go…


·         “Save More” Campaigns – These offers influence your customers to come and buy from you so they can take advantage of your special offer. Everyone loves to save these days.


    • Example:  “Show this text to receive 20% off of any hamburger combo at Hamburger Spot. EXP 5/15”


  • “Spend More” Campaigns – These offers influence your customers to “spend more money” than they usually would so they can take advantage of a discount.


    • Example:  “Spend $25 or more at Hamburger Spot and receive $5 OFF when you show this text. EXP 5/15”


  • “Purchase More” Campaigns – These offers influence your customers to “purchase more items” so they can take advantage of a discount.


    • Example:  “Purchase a large fry at Hamburger Spot and get $1 OFF of a regular milkshake. EXP 5/15”


  • “Get Something for Free” Campaigns – These offers influence your customers to buy something so they can take advantage of a free offer.


    • Example:  “Purchase two Kid’s Meals at Hamburger Spot and receive two cookies for FREE.  EXP 5/15”

How You Can Use QR Codes


·         Send Users Directly to Your Website with One Click – Direct your QR code to your website so your mobile visitors don’t have to type in your web address on their small phones.



GorillaMobile QR


  • Send Users to a Live Video Tour of Your Business – Prospects and customers love to see live footage of businesses that they’re considering doing business with. In addition to tours of your business, you can shoot commercial-style videos, product or service demo videos, “how-to” tutorial videos, etc. Did you scan this one? Need a scanner? Get one in any app store. I like QRReader.


  • Create an Instant Mobile Take Out Menu – Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that serve food can put QR codes on their menus. But even better…put up a big sign inside of their establishment that says “Want Our Take-out Menu at Your Fingertips at All Times? Scan This to Store in Your Phone”
  • Send Users to Your Photos and Social Media Sites – QR codes are a great way to gain even more exposure by sending your audience directly to your digital real estate.
  • Send Them to Your Coupons and Discount Offers – Use QR codes to send your customers to a mobile web page with a coupon. You can even put QR codes on your coupons to send them to other destinations.
  • Put Your QR Codes on ALL Marketing Materials – This includes your website, flyers, brochures, business cards, takeout menus, signs, and anywhere you think that people will see it and scan it.
  • Put QR Codes on Your Receipts – On the back of their receipts, many businesses are asking people to go to their websites and enter a chance to win a special giveaway or offer. Most people forget or don’t even bother to wait until they get in front of a computer. Instead, put your QR code on the back of your receipts so they can enter on the spot.
  • Business Location and Other Information – Use QR codes to direct people to your Google Maps, where they can find your address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and more.


Text Message Appointment Reminder Service


“No-Shows” are costing your business money; there’s no denying that. When people fail to show up for their appointments and don’t bother to call, that is lost revenue that you could have filled with another customers. There are some online businesses that exclusively offer reminder services.

·       Reduce “No-Shows” – Implement a system where you use text messaging 1 day and 1 hour in advance to remind your customers of their appointments. If they need to cancel, they will send you a text right back immediately. Gone are the days that you have to leave a message on their phone and hope they check their voicemail.


  • Ability to Fill More Canceled Appointments – If people do need to cancel or reschedule, they will let you know so you have a chance to fill it. Most people only need an hour or two notice, and they’d be happy to fill a canceled appointment. 


  • Lowers Lost Revenue –Text reminders will give you a chance to fill appointments if someone cancels, which improves your overall revenue.


  • Saves Staff Some Time – Your staff no longer has to make call after call to confirm appointments. Most people are too busy to even answer their phones these days. Not to mention checking their voice mail. So text messaging is a hands-free way to confirm appointments while your staff works on something more important.


  • Easy – No Software or Technical Knowledge Required. Although it may sound hard, running a Text Marketing campaign is really easy. As long as you’re comfortable with a computer.


  • Reduced Expenses – Text marketing doesn’t require any ink, stamps, printing, paper, or anything like that. It’s all digital and can be accomplished within just a few minutes. It’s one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing around today.


Text Message Marketing Tips

  • Tell List Subscribers What to Expect as Soon as They Join – Let them know that they will receive special offers and discounts from your business from time to time. This way, there will be no surprises and they will understand what to expect.
  • Implement “Forward to a Friend” Text Campaigns – Offer your customers freebies or discounts for forwarding your text messages to their family and friends. This makes your message go “viral” with no additional efforts on your part. This is a powerful, hands-free form of marketing.
  • Always Include Your Business’s Name in Your Messages – When people receive text messages, they will only see a short code phone number.  So it’s extremely important to include your business’s name in the message so they know who sent it. That way, they won’t “opt-out” or forget about you the next time they receive a text message. Branding is still important even though it’s mobile.
  • Respect Your Customers; Make it Easy for Them to Opt-Out of Your Mobile List – To avoid complaints, be sure to tell your subscribers exactly how they can opt-out of your list (as bad as you “don’t” want that, it’s going to happen so make it easy for them).
    • Most businesses simply set things up in a way that allows their subscribers to text STOP to their short code.
      • Example:  “Reply STOP to Opt-Out”
  • Notify Consumers of Potential Text Message Costs – Most mobile carriers require that you notify consumers of the cost of text messaging. For instance, if you are running a standard rate campaign, all call-to-action and opt-in messages should let consumers know that “message and data rates may apply.”
    • Example:  “Msg&data rates may apply.”
  • Remember to include an expiration date on your offers to increase urgency.

Text Message Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Sending Out Sporadic Messages – Don’t start out sending one message every two weeks and then cut back to one message every two months. Train your list to expect to hear from you on a frequent basis. Otherwise, you risk more “opt-outs.” Your customers will be more receptive if you tell them how many messages they may expect to receive in a week.
  • Sending Out Spam – Opt-in mobile list building is the safest way to go. Sending messages to people who did not opt-in to be on your list is considered spam. DO NOT purchase purchase mobile phone lists and things of that nature because you never know the source. Take a little time and build your own, authentic list. It will be way more effective anyway because most of them will be existing customers.
  • Only Sending Out “Promotions” – Limit the number of promotional offers that you send out to your list. Once per week is good for most businesses. At all other times, be sure to send out some useful content that your list would appreciate. You want to make sure they’re looking forward to your next text message!


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Should you need to start a campaign I will be more than happy to consult with you. At GorillaMobile we have the ability to simply consult or we can do the whole campaign for you. The choice is yours. The bottom line is Text Message Marketing can help your business bring in sales. Will you take advantage of it?




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